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Blizzard? What blizzard?
by Tiziano Dossena Feb 10, 2013 
Blizzard? What blizzard?
Just like many other New Yorkers, I have spent the past two days wondering whether Mother Nature was picking on us. Maybe not, but it sometimes feels so, doesn’t it? Well, I dug my car out Friday night, just to find it buried again, as if I did not do any work. So, Nature is making fun of me, eh? Or maybe it was those kids who asked me whether I needed help when I was almost finished shoveling on Saturday. Three and a half hour to remove snow took a deep toll on me, but their smile made it worse. Where were these youngsters when I needed them? What about the friendly fellow who felt it was necessary to speed along my snow covered street and spray me with frozen, dirty water, as if I was a spring flower? Was he making fun of me? It can/t be. It was all just casual, just as the icy drops, which always found the way from my gutter into the only open space behind my collar, making me jump up every time, in shock and surprise. Yes, all casual, there is no conspiracy to get us mad or frustrated. It’s just the way it is; that’s all. Do not let it get you down.

By the way, what’s with some of those Jeep drivers? Do not take it personally, I own and drive two Jeeps and love them, gas guzzling apart, but I do not drive them as NASCAR racing cars through the snow. Every snow storm it’s the same story. A Jeep passes me at lighting speed, spraying my windshield and leaving me flabbergasted, just to find them on the side of the highway few miles after, embracing the cement dividers or the exit sign. Do they really believe a 4x4 makes them invincible? Maybe it would work if they placed ice-skates under their wheels (inventors, take note).

Anyway, all this talk gave you time to catch a breather and maybe drink a hot coffee or have a chicken soup. Enough with that: it’s time to go back and shovel the rest. Good luck to you all….
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