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by Tiziano Thomas Dossena
Paperback: 156 pages
Publisher: Scriptum Press (December 1, 2008)
Language: Italian
ISBN-10: 0979521343
ISBN-13: 978-0979521348
“Caro Fantozzi” collects Tiziano Thomas Dossena's best short stories, written between 1979 and today. “Il filosofo” was entirely written in the Parco Sempione of Milan in 1982 and was first published by L'Intermezzo in 1984. The same periodical published “Il pianto” (1985) and “Il telefono giallo” (1985). This last story won the first prize ex-aequo at the Concorso Letterario Parole Di Carta. It appeared on the anthology by the same name, published by Marsilio Editore. “Il peso della coscienza” was born in New York as a poem in 1976, to find a new life as a short story in Milan in 1979. The poem was lost in one of the author's many movings, but the story survived and it was published by Arte e Società in 1982. “La corsa” appeared the first time on L'Idea Magazine in 1997. All the above stories, which have received critical acclaim and official recognition in various awards, are rigorously fictional. “Marzo 1999: A 25 anni dalla partenza”, published in 1999 by L'Idea, narrates the tragic events occured in March of that year, during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of that magazine. “L'importanza dell'Internet”, which recounts the misadventures with the local Internet provider in Miami Beach, was published by L'Idea in 2007. “Welcome to the United States” narrates the migratory trip to USA of the 16 year old writer and his first impressions of that American nation. “La bandiera” illustrates an episode of the artist Emilio Giuseppe Dossena's early life. “Caro Fantozzi...”, which provides the name for this book, is a short story put in writing in 2008, a year after the author's ill-fated trip to Italy to bid the last farewell to his brother. “New York e gli Italiani” is an essay that has won the Gold Medal at the Premio Emigrazione in the year 2000. Regarding the story “Il filosofo”, Renata Morresi, in the periodical Kult Underground (N. 52, 1999) has stated: “ Do not miss this little cult: an eco-thriller with fanta-political elements, written with a penetrating and immediate style, ripe with suspense and more than ever irony, irony, irony!" Mauro Cicognini, about "La corsa", declared: “With a lively rhythm and a beautiful language, this story has "Conscience Flux". Joyce's lessons do not have any more secrets for Tiziano".
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